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A beautiful podcasting app built for power and control.

BeyondPod gives you access to thousands free audio and video shows from all over the world. You can search for podcasts or import them from popular sites like Feedly.

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“One of the best mobile podcast catchers. BeyondPod offers a huge directory of popular shows, and if the show you watch or listen to isn't in the directory, you can add its feed yourself.”

A World of Podcasts in Your Hand

With over 2.5 million downloads, BeyondPod’s new streamlined interface and powerful controls give you unparalleled access to millions of audio and video podcasts, making it the only podcast app you’ll ever need.

Complete Control

With BeyondPod you have ultimate control. Decide which podcasts to download, when and over which connection, as well as how long to keep old versions. Choose to automatically update a single feed, all the podcasts in a given category, or all feeds.

Convenience of Smart Playlists

Our Smart Playlist technology builds automatic playlists based on your listening preferences.

“One of the biggest advantages the iPhone has over Android is its seamless out-of-the-box podcast integration. However, with BeyondPod, Android users can have a podcast app that is even better.”

Available on Android Phones, Tablets and Wear

Powerful podcast player

Our integrated player tracks what podcasts you’ve listened to. Keep them or have them deleted automatically at the end. Use per-feed selectable playback speed, volume boost or sleep timer to match your mood.

Car Friendly

Many people listen to podcasts in the car. Save your episodes to have them available anytime and anywhere—even when you’re offline. Our player has a dedicated "Car" mode with large buttons and fonts to make it easy to control playback while driving.

Get Inspired

Inspiration can come from many places. In addition to audio/video podcasts, you can subscrbe to news (text) feeds or even import your own audiobooks or lecture recordings and play them in our convenient player.

One-touch widget control

Our Home Screen Widget gives you one-button access to your podcasts. SmartPlay updates directly from your phone’s home screen.

Works with Android Wear

Proud owner of Android smartwatch? Use dedicated BeyondPod Wear app to quickly control your playlist and smart plays directly from your wrist or with your voice.

Chromecast support

Cast your audio or video episodes to any TV or home stereo using Chromecast - directly from BeyondPod.

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